The Old Ones

A Dungeon and a Dragon
Ashwoods and the North: Days 88-99


The town of Brentshire was in an uproar, and violence was in the air:

A serial killer in the streets.

A mysterious explosion at the bathhouse.
An assassination in the dwarven ghetto.
Outside, hundreds of refugees surrounding the town all bearing strange conflicting reports of something gone seriously wrong in Flotsam.

The Diamond Dogs figured this a prudent time to leave. Using their connection to “Chompers” Holbein of the Legion and Tiberius of the Conduit, they managed to talk their way out of the town without incident. In the refugee column they met up with Bonny’s absentminded old mentor, as well as the gypsies that they rescued back in Pembrooktonshire .

They booked passage north on a Lightbringer missionary ship in an effort to discover the rumors behind a dragon terrorizing the island. Their captain turned out to be a former Vornish priest, now disgraced, who related to them the tale of Nameless Queen Yama and the Lantern’s search for specific young girls, including the daughter of a certain gnomish midwife.

Traveling north by sea, they witnessed signs of devastation on the shoreline. The entire Westwatch tower was toppled, and its garrison of dwarven exiles slaughtered by forces unknown. At Godvomit falls they cured what ailed them, and Joe realized if he had only waited he probably wouldn’t have had to go through the torment of Stumbleduck’s scatological cure for his infection. The scholar had a good laugh, at least.

Moving past the safety of the falls they ventured into the wilderness. They managed to stealthily eliminate a goblin watch-beacon without alerting the main tribe. Stumbleduck’s expert navigation let them stealthily avoid goblin patrols, and things far worse.

In the ashwoods it was clear that something was wrong – the forest was thick with a cloying acrid mist, and was completely void of larger animals. A disheveled starving forester by the name of Tynan confirmed for them that there indeed was a dragon in the area, and it had destroyed half of their town and sent the goblin tribe in thereafter to collect tribute. He led them to the remains of an old dwarven mountaintop temple, but refused to go further out of fear.

They were greeted at the entrance to the temple by a goblin attempting to parlay, which turned out to be an explosive suicidal trick. Clearly they were dealing with creatures both more fanatic and more organized than they had faced before. The Diamond Dogz had entered the lair of the fiercest tribe of goblin raiders in order to confront their master, and they would have to fight every step of the way.

Countless traps and ambushes were sprung, but the Diamond Dogz pressed onwards, facing fierce skirmishers and goblin alchemists throwing flasks of unstable substances. After a particularly brutal battle the goblin defenders were slaughtered or routed, and the party barricaded a room to rest and recover. They remained uneasy though, as they heard the guttural cries of goblins rallying to the defense of their fortress. Their biggest fight was still ahead…..


3 Goblin Scouts at the Beacon
1 Goblin suicide bomber
3 Goblin Alchemists
1 Goblin Warchief
8 Goblin Raiders

Let Off Some Steam
Boswitch Bathhouse, Brentshire: Days 86-87


The Dungeon Dogz returned to the Boswitch Bathhouse for a night-time infiltration. They took no chances. Using Grimhilt’s liberated key they sneaked into the back entrance, brutally silencing the protesting employees with sharpened knives in the dark. Much of the noise they made was covered by the sound of the Imperial Legion performing its dinning tax, which involves playing martial music loudly (and poorly) until the town coughs up enough coin for them to move onto the next unfortunate burg.

Kristin’s mouse scouted ahead and found the way to be clear, and with that they entered the private baths of Konstantin Kutzunov himself. The Geologist was willing to speak, as he had many questions about what happened at the Deep Carbon Observatory. Thinking he was neutralizing the sorcerous Joe, Kutznonov reduced the scholar’s brain to that of a drooling infant while the Dungeon Dogz prepared to strike.

The battle was truly a close-run thing. Kutznov toyed with the party at first, believing his bodyguards and giant water serpent more than capable of handling the threat, but the possibility of his own death loomed when Kristin nullified his most powerful spell with her anti-magic arrow. Joe and Konstantin’s magical duels caused rapid entropy of the stone flooring in the room, sending the entire battlefield crashing into the caverns below, but remarkably, the party survived.

Many were laying on the ground bleeding to death when Grimhilt miraculously recovered and went on to swiftly execute both the bodyguard and Kutzunov himself as he prepared to transfer his consciousness into the body of Kunal.

The Diamond Dogs beat a hasty retreat through the smoldering bathhouse while sending guards on wild goose chases around the city. They eventually returned, bloody and broken, to their decrepit manor on Swan Street.

The Geologist was dead – he was perhaps the oldest living thing that had ever died…

Three unfortunate bathhouse workers.
Konstantin Kutznunov aka The Geologist aka The Hedonist, one of the Old Ones
His four mute bodyguards.
His exotic pet, Breathless.

Bastards of Brentshire
Brentshire: Days 79-86


While Kunal and Kristin headed to the constabulary to turn in the guilty butler Barnsworth and the rescued half-elven actress Vivian, Stumbleduck and Joe guarded the house.

Not long after the death of his only nurturer and friend, Peck returned for revenge. This time he was witnessed climbing up into the window by Grimhilt Pfeilmacher, a Vornish assassin hailing from Wissenland.

Stumbleduck, her reactions slowed by grief over Cheeto and her burgeoning Enimat addiction, was struck deeply with Peck’s razor. She rallied quickly and landed three brutal blows upon him, yet he managed to retain his hold on the balcony.

Grimhilt intervened, but in a brutal comedy of errors all she managed to do was destroy the siding of the house trellis with a poor climbing effort and fall to the ground below the battle. Stumbleduck went down in a flurry of slashes, leaving Joe alone to attempt to heal her with herbs – something far beyond his usual mystical knowledge.

As luck would have it, Peck’s usual graceful footing failed him and he landed flat on his back in the courtyard near Grimhilt, who reacted quickly to slice him and then suddenly hide in the hedges. He attempted to look for her and was brought down by her rapier stabbing into his eye. The Swan Street Slicer was dead.

After days of argument and debate it was agreed to make a deal with Pfeilmacher – Kunal would help her get info on the dwarf Zakkeras through his employee, the drunken dimwit Ned. In return, Ash would scout out the bathhouse where it was believed the Geologist Kutzunov, the Hedonist of the Old Ones, was passing his time.

Grimhilt disguised herself as a common prostitute and talked her way past the front door, flitting in and out of rooms and ultimately finding herself in the restricted areas with the outer keys in her possession. She wisely retreated and informed the group, who then proceeded to go hunting for exotic equipment and wild barfights before beginning the planning of their assault.

In the meantime, the Dungeon Dogz found out that news had arrived declaring the victory of Imperial forces over the apostates holding the town of Magdeburg, in Wissenland. The entire population was joyfully put to the sword! This good fortune combined with the town’s relief at the end of the Swan Street Slicer led to a day of festivities as the military band of the Legion began to play…. endlessly. The unique form of tax collection and recruitment known as “dinning” involves men of the Legion setting up in the most crowded areas of town and playing (or attempting to play) rousing Imperial marches until the populace is fed up enough to pay them the coin (or recruits) required for them to leave.

They Dungeon Dogz struck on the second day of this cacophany. Grimhilt silently assassinated the two guards outside the Geologist wagon. Kristin located a hidden compartment inside which turned out to be trapped with poisonous snakes – only the quick intervention of Stumbleduck saved both Grim and Kristin from falling to deadly venom. Beneath the seating board of the wagon was discovered a letter from Barnabus, of the Flotsam Geologists, declaring his discomfort with how far the situation had deteriorated in that town. Also in the carriage were two immensely powerful spell scrolls apparently inscribed into human facial skin…..

As midnight settled in the Dungeon Dogz broke into the bathouse and prepared to strike at Kutzunov, an immensely powerful man with thousands of years of terror and strife to his name….

Two Kislevi mercenaries, hirelings of the Hedonist
Peck, the Swan Street Slicer
Barnsworth the aged butler, hanged after his confession of aiding Madame Dromdal and the Swan Street Slicer.

The Swan Street Slicer
The River Lock and Brentshire, Days 75-78


The riverboat Lapita approached the faded opulence of the town of Brentshire, built on ancient hot springs. They were stopped by men of the Legion demanding payment or service for entry.

The town itself was in a high panic. The Swan Street Slicer, a notorious serial killer, had escaped mysteriously from captivity while being transported to the site of his execution. On this dark and stormy night the town’s notables were in a fury, for the Swan Street Slicer struck only at those of wealth or highborn name. Every man in town with a sword and the willingness to use it was rapidly hired up to guard the houses of the aristocracy and burghers as well as search high and low for the Slicer, a mute halfling known as Peck.

House Dromdal was the destination of the Dungeon Dogz: the last place the Slicer was seen before his capture, and clearly feared to be the site of a future attack. Lady Dromdal and her daughter were of lofty name but lowly finances, much like all the others of the fading aristocracy squatting in the decrepit manors of Swan Street.

Despite the haughty attitude of the dowager Dromdal, the Dungeon Dogz did their best to defend the house, and even largely behaved themselves in the presence of the Lady, though of course obliging opportunities for breaking into locked rooms and absconding with loot when she was elsewhere.

After a dinner party ended in disaster, the Sorceror, Barbarian, and Scholar headed out onto the streets with a drunken penniless nobleman named Ned while the ladies stayed home and continued their vigil. It did not end well.

While the men fished for rumors at the local tavern, resulting in a knock-down drag-out brawl with local dockworkers, the women of the group discovered that something fishy was going on in the house and all roads led to the second hidden basement….

It soon became apparent that Lady Dromdal’s husband was not out hunting exotic beasts in the North, but was entombed in the walls along with more than a dozen others, guarded by a fell beast that resembled a demonic canid. Ash was not to survive this revelation – the creature sprung from the dark and disemboweled the stout cleric with his slavering jaws, while Stumbleduck and Cheeto the Wolverine fought bravely to rescue her. The gnome pulled Ash’s body through the door to the basement elevator platform just as she let out her last breath, dead.

Kristin burst into the bedroom of the Lady and found her to be in league with Peck, a little halfling that she enjoyed doting over and dressing in sickeningly cute ruffled outfits. Her husband did not tolerate this for long and during an argument in which he struck his wife something snapped in Peck and soon the Lord was on the ground, bleeding out from his slashed throat. He was to be Peck’s first victim, but not the last. Over the past months Peck had been capturing or killing notables in town at the behest of the Lady, including her own daughter’s husband.

It would stop tonight….

The drunken menfolk made it back to the house while the battle raged upstairs. Kristin used her psychic magic to frighten the dandified killer into escaping out the window, but the Lady’s magically enhanced mastiff tore a deadly wound in Cheeto’s side. He bled out on the ground, staring glassily as his master Stumbleduck battled for her and Kristin’s life. Kristin’s magic dagger made short work of the tottering old woman while Stumbleduck killed the mastiff and launched the Lady’s lapdog into the fire. Ashley was avenged by Kunal and Joe’s foray into the basement.

The mystery was solved and most of the guilty parties put to justice, but at great cost….


Ash, the Dwarven Cleric of Macinfex, destroyer of undead.
Cheeto the Throatripper, white wolverine of the polar plains of Vornheim.
The Lady Dromdal
Her lapdog, Sasha
Her guard mastiff, Baron.
Her demonic beast in the basement, Spite.

The End of All Things
The Deep Carbon Observatory: Days 70-75


Deeper they traveled, into the Observatory, defiling the corpse of their common past.

The party learned more of the ancient Dambuilder society, a people who made contact with the Underdark, and became enthralled with it. Strange objects, creatures, artifacts, technologies – endless curiosities to entrance a society looking ever for more; all of these things came up the Great Chain to be taken, studied, consumed, obsessed over.

It was not enough.

Survey teams of abyssalnauts went below, mapping out caverns, bringing back ever stranger samples – radioactive flora that lived never having seen the sun, strata samples detailing billions of years of history, strange metals and materials worth kingdoms on the surface, and more, and more.

Some survey teams didn’t return.

Some came back, but changed.

And one, quite mad, came back bearing the word of the Aboleth. This was the beginning of the end.

The Dungeon Dogs traversed these ruins, fighting constant running battles against the ever silent, patient, patient, pale, gaunt Giant.

Stumbleduck discovered a wondrous flaming sword, and a thorium tongue starved for conversation. Ash felt compelled to dig out her own fleshy appendage to replace it with one built of strange metals and lies.

The Giant was finally dispatched by the exhausted group, but before he crushed Nebulous Zeb into a thin red paste on the milky white floor. There was no time to mourn. They reached the Observatory bubble itself, and a mere glimpse into the lens was almost enough to drive the Cleric mad. They placed the second resonator, that which would call the Purple Worm. It has been searching for its lost, dead, mate for centuries on end. Its anguished thrashing will surely destroy both stalactites upon its discovery that the only other of its species does not exist.

The Dungeon Dogz thus made haste.

Near the long spiral entrance stairs they were ambushed by a desperate maddened Holloch and his terrified band of hired men – short work was made of them all. Our heroes had just enough time to reach the surface as the Purple Worm began its destruction on a geologic scale below.

Certain death awaited them at the top were it not for Kristin’s knowledge of goblin language and culture – she managed to spare their lives from the waiting horde of ambushers by kowtowing and offering tribute to the great goblin chief. The Dungeon Dogz were allowed to live, and they made their exhausted way downriver through the flooded wastes to the remains of the town of Carrowmore.

Kunal spent precious gold to book passage south to Brentshire aboard The Lapita, headed by the Kantic captain Snail-Shell Zarathustra.

Downriver they went, leaving the desolate region far behind them….

Nebulous Zeb, the inscrutable hermit.
Hooloch Frosen, leader of the Crows
Nine of his hired men from Carrowmore, young boys and greybeards all.
The Giant

As well as everything else that still held some semblance of life in the Deep Carbon Observatory…

Stygian Echoes
The Deep Carbon Observatory: Day 70


Hours they descended, deep into stones undisturbed by those from above for thousands of untold years. Even the dwarf among them had never been this deep, though of course there had always been rumors.

The dark was absolute. The silence shocking in the complete absence of sound save for the birdsong twinkling of the great chain, moved ever so slightly by updrafts from below.

They passed through chambers full of wonders the likes no human eyes had ever seen: Advanced technology shaped by alien hands. Artifacts and objects of art that the brain couldn’t quite comprehend. Hints to the nature of our world’s past, ideas heretical to the entire ontology of the powers that be on the surface.

Down here they realized that surface civilization was like that of a dragonfly roosting momentarily on the unbroken surface of a deep pond, while that which is below teems with life an activity that is older, deeper, and beyond comprehension.

The Deep Carbon Observatory was a window built to look inwards below the Earth. Once opened, it could not quite be shut tightly enough, and here was born the end of all things.

Now the Dungeon Dogs find themselves here, in the graveyard of the ancients – while something infinitely patient and of even greater ravenous hunger stalks them in the dark…..


6 Shroud-of-Turin like silk shriekers
A tapestry lined in the thumbless skeletal hands of tormented weavers
13 Goblin ambushers, part of the tribe who followed the Dogz into the depths.

The Deep Carbon Observatory
That Which Is Below: Days 69-70


The Diamond Dogs attempted to rest in the caved in passageway of the ancient Dam, yet a mysterious thick fluid begin trickling in from above. Sensing some goblin trick, Joe launched a devastating fireball, blasting the entrance open and causing thick gouts of smoke to choke out the cave. Thinking quickly, he used his scroll to clear the air, exposing a squad of gobbo sappers to a vicious counterattack by his compatriots.

Despite their use of captured Rust Monster insects to assault the party’s weaponry the gobbos were killed while the survivors retreated deeper into the dam-tomb. Not wanting to risk falling into traps, the Dogs ascended the lip of the crater and were shocked to see exactly what was behind the dam:

An immense crater, miles across, draped in multicolored decaying vines covering the littoral zone. Upon traversing a path downwards they discovered that the mud was not what it seemed, but a great dying bacterial mat from the profundal zone of the deep lake, its ecosystem now lay naked and dying in the exposure of the sun. The crew navigated an ever shifting landscape of mountains of dead marine life, some of it colossal in size and never meant to see the light of day. Evidence was uncovered that this lake did not always exist – petrified forest and ancient towers revealed that this land was once uncovered, but was deliberately buried under miles of water.

The group proceeded cautiously as they were pursued by both the goblin tribe and the Crows, not to mention all manner of dying lake fauna in its last gasping breaths. Their closest call came when they decided to rescue a gigantic Roc, its wingspan forming a bridge across foul waters, its head lolling in pain as it was devoured from below by fat man-sized leeches. They saved the Roc. It was not grateful.

After putting it down yet again, this time for good, the Diamond Dogs found an even deeper open pit extending even further down – it appeared to be surrounded by thousands of ‘sun-scoops’ cut into the smooth walls of the crater where burning fires reflected light into colossal mirrors that drowned the pit in the brightest of light. Never ones to worry about what was ahead, the Dogs descended the mine and opened the pressure door to the Deep Carbon Observatory….


An entire ecosystem
11 Gobbos
3 Rust Monsters
Several giant eels
4 Man-sized leeches
A majestic Roc, one of the last of her kind.

Tomb Raiders
The Colossal Dam: Days 68-69


The Dungeon Dogz sealed the door behind them with chains taken from a sprung trap and contemplated their situation. They were trapped in a flood-scoured hidden tomb buried in the interior of the great dam. They were perhaps the first living creatures to set foot in here since its construction. As always, they pressed onward.

Glittering coins surrounded a golden funereal barge in a chamber ahead. Kunal destroyed what remained of some mummified hounds, too water-damaged to move beyond turning their misshapen heads. The Scholar determined the treasure to be worthless – this chamber was apparently designed to fool thieves.

After carefully negotiating their way through traps, the Dungeon Dogs climbed a dark stone-cut ladder and emerged into a chamber containing canoptic sculptures containing the organs of long-dead holy men. Not content to let things be, Ash and Kunal poked, prodded, and finally pushed over one of the sculptures. This was a mistake. The remaining sculptures immediately animated and begin attacking the group. Cheeto the Wolverine smashed one into the floor, freeing its preserved brain from its cradle. It was soon discovered that destroying the brain will finally put the abomination to rest. Even with this information the battle was going against our heroes until Kristin’s magic dagger became an instrument of rapid death in her arms, allowing her to dispatch half of the walking dead with ease.

Further along, the group narrowly avoided a rolling boulder and breached the passage into a room full of mysterious faces embossed in the ceiling. Fearing a trap a few scouts furtively moved into the room only to be ambushed by goblins bearing poles strapped to head-cages full of angry rabid rats. The skirmish in the dark was quick and brutal, and soon the goblins were dead or dying, thanks to Cheeto’s keen nose and sharp jaws.

The Dungeon Dogs negotiated their way carefully through a chamber that the goblin raiders had clearly passed through – it appears that they brute-forced their way through the traps by taking heavy casualties – a fact that the Dungeon Dogs were clearly fortunate to realize. The light at the end of the tunnel led them to a passageway blocked by a cave in, with the bodies of a few goblins slain in apparently ritualistic fashion. It appeared that Gruta the Witch did not remain in Pollnagollum village……


8 Canoptic Guards
2 Mummified Hounds
9 Goblins at the hands of the Dungeon Dogz, and 17 killed by other mysterious means….

The Dambuilders
The River Lock: Days 67-68


Flush from their victory against the Crows, the Dungeon Dogs rejoined Stumbleduck and set off upriver alongside Nebulous Zeb and the Scholar.

As they drew closer to the source of the flood, our heroes saw even greater swathes of destruction. They stopped to help a windmill full of children besieged by hundreds of giant pale white crabs. Sorcery sent the windwill blades flying into the air, along with the crabs’ point of ingress. The ladies bravely ascended the mill to save the remaining children from the rampaging crabs, though not before a few were turned to shreds.

A plan to save the children by dropping them off on a small hillock full of livestock was aborted when it was discovered that the hill was circled by a voracious giant squid. Instead, the children were unceremoniously dumped on the wooded shore of the River Lock along with plenty of cooked crabmeat.

Further upriver the Dogs discovered that something was going quite wrong with the Turbine golems. One of them was spotted staring endlessly into the mechanism of a watermill, while another was demolishing houses to construct a scratchbuilt dam, a pale imitation of the colossal structure viewed in the distance.

When the crew rowed into Pollnagollum village they found the remaining populace entranced on top of the roofs. Sliding between the stalks of blackened dead corn under the surface of the water was the witch, Gruta. Despite her malevolent nature the Dungeon Dogs agreed to provide her draughts of blood from The Scholar, Ash, and Kristin in exchange for answers. They learned that the Turbine Golems were dying…

Finally the Dungeon Dogs reached the massive dam and used the head-locking mechanisms from destroyed Turbine golems to activate the sluice gates at the bottom. They climbed up the dark tunnels to the great rift in the center of the dam. They explored some newly exposed passages but could not quite discover their purpose, though they did find a model of the dam mapping out the rooms on the other side of the rift. No sooner did they attempt to enter when they saw a disconcerting sight: Three riverboats packed full of men rowing furiously towards the dam from downriver. It could only be the Crows….

A defense plan was hastily assembled. Kunal with barbaric strength managed to drop a boulder on top of one of the boats, killing some men and causing the survivors to scramble into a sluice gate only to run into the waiting ambush of Stumbleduck and Joe. After some lashings of magic thorns and corrosive acid turned the vanguard mercenary into a steaming pile of slurry, the others agreed to fall back and avoid this whole battle.

Victory seemed assured, until Kristin noticed the deep pounding bass of goblin drums echoing across the canyon….

Hundreds of giant crabs
Three children and one old woman at the windmill
Two turbine golems
Four mercenaries in the employ of the Crows
Several families smashed by the turbine golem attempting to build a dam

A Murder of Crows
The River Lock, Days 64-66


The Dungeon Dogs woke up to find their bard missing, with no sign of her departure. Each of them found mysterious letters hidden among their possessions, all of them from a group known as The Crows.

They set off in their skiff to track down the Crows, and encountered what Tzani Spilos the scholar described as a Turbine Golem, an automaton rumored to protect the Dam upriver. It looked weakened, though it still possessed great strength as it smashed a human body repeatedly into a jagged river rock. With a combination of swift rowing and Joe’s lightning the Golem was illuminated in the depths and destroyed.

Further along their expedition encountered a woman dangling upside down from a tree, hooded and restrained. Dozens of obese pale-white toads were gorging on corpses washed up on the riverbank while others attempted to climb up and devour Kristin. The riverbank was littered with carcasses of overstuffed toads, their own bodies burst by angular human limbs from the inside.

With much swinging of warhammers and eviscerating of toads the group managed to battle their way towards the tree, only to be ambushed by a hidden archer along the riverbank. Kristin was rescued and her hood removed, only for a gruesome discovery to be made: She was dead, her throat slit, and her forehead branded with the symbol of the Crows. Her dead eyes held no spark of life yet she hungered for the living….

Kunal spiked her to a tree while the group debated on the use of one of the rarest treasures in the known world, the Phoenix Feather. Ultimately Kristin was revived, but not without cost – her fiery rebirth incinerated Witney the young thief, burning her down to the bone.

Kristin related her story of deceit and betrayal by the hand of the Crows, and a plan for revenge was found. With the aid of Nebulous Zeb, a treedwelling river hermit, the Dungeon Dogs tracked down the Crow’s camp on the riverbank and staged a daring midnight assault.

The night sky was lit up by bolts of arcane energy as rival sorcerers traded shots across the river and the silent dead lunged for the living. Kunal became surrounded by a horde of stinking corpses and attacked by a mysterious warrior clad in black chainmail. He was saved by the intervention of Nebulous Zeb and Kristin’s stealth attack on the hidden sniper.

The Crows realized their position was untenable and they attempted a fighting retreat, but not before Zolushika von Der Linth, their young sorceress. Kristin’s pursuit was slowed by arachnophobic hallucinations, yet Kunal pressed onward. while the wounded dwarf lost ground. Ghar Zargoun the Dwarven archer eventually surrendered and even took a shot against his former allies, betraying his complete lack of empathy or valued belief in anything.

To Ghar Zargoun, there is nothing he prefers, or likes. ‘Liking’ seems an extravagant waste. Things are simply ordered in their way. Event upon event. Locked down and interacting. Slowly wearing out to an inevitable end. All time is simply waiting and life is an empty machine. Other dwarves didn’t understand this, especially when he gave practical proof that this was the world and nothing was inside but death. That upset them. He knew it would. But never why. Now he spends time with other races. It’s what relief must be, he thinks. No longer needing to write behaviors in your head like text and act them out, avoiding frightened looks. He can’t go back anyway. Ghar accepted his capture until presented with the Dwarven countenance of the Cleric, Ash. At that moment he already knew he was dead, and found it neither better or worse than life.

The Dungeon Dogs recovered many supplies, and retired to lick their wounds and feast on electric eel at the treehouse of Nebulous Zeb. As the sun rose they were greeted yet again by the thin trail of smoke to the north, somewhere past the Great Dam……


Two dozen giant toads
The Turbine Golem
Ghar Zargoun, the Dwarven archer
Zolushika von Der Linth, the aristocratic sorceress.
17 Reanimated Dead.

Kristin…. yet not.

Witney the young thief.

A colossal electric eel.


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