The Old Ones

A Dungeon and a Dragon

Ashwoods and the North: Days 88-99


The town of Brentshire was in an uproar, and violence was in the air:

A serial killer in the streets.

A mysterious explosion at the bathhouse.
An assassination in the dwarven ghetto.
Outside, hundreds of refugees surrounding the town all bearing strange conflicting reports of something gone seriously wrong in Flotsam.

The Diamond Dogs figured this a prudent time to leave. Using their connection to “Chompers” Holbein of the Legion and Tiberius of the Conduit, they managed to talk their way out of the town without incident. In the refugee column they met up with Bonny’s absentminded old mentor, as well as the gypsies that they rescued back in Pembrooktonshire .

They booked passage north on a Lightbringer missionary ship in an effort to discover the rumors behind a dragon terrorizing the island. Their captain turned out to be a former Vornish priest, now disgraced, who related to them the tale of Nameless Queen Yama and the Lantern’s search for specific young girls, including the daughter of a certain gnomish midwife.

Traveling north by sea, they witnessed signs of devastation on the shoreline. The entire Westwatch tower was toppled, and its garrison of dwarven exiles slaughtered by forces unknown. At Godvomit falls they cured what ailed them, and Joe realized if he had only waited he probably wouldn’t have had to go through the torment of Stumbleduck’s scatological cure for his infection. The scholar had a good laugh, at least.

Moving past the safety of the falls they ventured into the wilderness. They managed to stealthily eliminate a goblin watch-beacon without alerting the main tribe. Stumbleduck’s expert navigation let them stealthily avoid goblin patrols, and things far worse.

In the ashwoods it was clear that something was wrong – the forest was thick with a cloying acrid mist, and was completely void of larger animals. A disheveled starving forester by the name of Tynan confirmed for them that there indeed was a dragon in the area, and it had destroyed half of their town and sent the goblin tribe in thereafter to collect tribute. He led them to the remains of an old dwarven mountaintop temple, but refused to go further out of fear.

They were greeted at the entrance to the temple by a goblin attempting to parlay, which turned out to be an explosive suicidal trick. Clearly they were dealing with creatures both more fanatic and more organized than they had faced before. The Diamond Dogz had entered the lair of the fiercest tribe of goblin raiders in order to confront their master, and they would have to fight every step of the way.

Countless traps and ambushes were sprung, but the Diamond Dogz pressed onwards, facing fierce skirmishers and goblin alchemists throwing flasks of unstable substances. After a particularly brutal battle the goblin defenders were slaughtered or routed, and the party barricaded a room to rest and recover. They remained uneasy though, as they heard the guttural cries of goblins rallying to the defense of their fortress. Their biggest fight was still ahead…..


3 Goblin Scouts at the Beacon
1 Goblin suicide bomber
3 Goblin Alchemists
1 Goblin Warchief
8 Goblin Raiders



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