The Old Ones

Bastards of Brentshire

Brentshire: Days 79-86


While Kunal and Kristin headed to the constabulary to turn in the guilty butler Barnsworth and the rescued half-elven actress Vivian, Stumbleduck and Joe guarded the house.

Not long after the death of his only nurturer and friend, Peck returned for revenge. This time he was witnessed climbing up into the window by Grimhilt Pfeilmacher, a Vornish assassin hailing from Wissenland.

Stumbleduck, her reactions slowed by grief over Cheeto and her burgeoning Enimat addiction, was struck deeply with Peck’s razor. She rallied quickly and landed three brutal blows upon him, yet he managed to retain his hold on the balcony.

Grimhilt intervened, but in a brutal comedy of errors all she managed to do was destroy the siding of the house trellis with a poor climbing effort and fall to the ground below the battle. Stumbleduck went down in a flurry of slashes, leaving Joe alone to attempt to heal her with herbs – something far beyond his usual mystical knowledge.

As luck would have it, Peck’s usual graceful footing failed him and he landed flat on his back in the courtyard near Grimhilt, who reacted quickly to slice him and then suddenly hide in the hedges. He attempted to look for her and was brought down by her rapier stabbing into his eye. The Swan Street Slicer was dead.

After days of argument and debate it was agreed to make a deal with Pfeilmacher – Kunal would help her get info on the dwarf Zakkeras through his employee, the drunken dimwit Ned. In return, Ash would scout out the bathhouse where it was believed the Geologist Kutzunov, the Hedonist of the Old Ones, was passing his time.

Grimhilt disguised herself as a common prostitute and talked her way past the front door, flitting in and out of rooms and ultimately finding herself in the restricted areas with the outer keys in her possession. She wisely retreated and informed the group, who then proceeded to go hunting for exotic equipment and wild barfights before beginning the planning of their assault.

In the meantime, the Dungeon Dogz found out that news had arrived declaring the victory of Imperial forces over the apostates holding the town of Magdeburg, in Wissenland. The entire population was joyfully put to the sword! This good fortune combined with the town’s relief at the end of the Swan Street Slicer led to a day of festivities as the military band of the Legion began to play…. endlessly. The unique form of tax collection and recruitment known as “dinning” involves men of the Legion setting up in the most crowded areas of town and playing (or attempting to play) rousing Imperial marches until the populace is fed up enough to pay them the coin (or recruits) required for them to leave.

They Dungeon Dogz struck on the second day of this cacophany. Grimhilt silently assassinated the two guards outside the Geologist wagon. Kristin located a hidden compartment inside which turned out to be trapped with poisonous snakes – only the quick intervention of Stumbleduck saved both Grim and Kristin from falling to deadly venom. Beneath the seating board of the wagon was discovered a letter from Barnabus, of the Flotsam Geologists, declaring his discomfort with how far the situation had deteriorated in that town. Also in the carriage were two immensely powerful spell scrolls apparently inscribed into human facial skin…..

As midnight settled in the Dungeon Dogz broke into the bathouse and prepared to strike at Kutzunov, an immensely powerful man with thousands of years of terror and strife to his name….

Two Kislevi mercenaries, hirelings of the Hedonist
Peck, the Swan Street Slicer
Barnsworth the aged butler, hanged after his confession of aiding Madame Dromdal and the Swan Street Slicer.



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