The Old Ones


Underground Rails, Days 62-64


After reuniting with King Billy and receiving some vital supplies from the Clockwork Man, the group descended his great chain elevator past thousands of his previous corpses. At the bottom they reached the auxiliary train, and used the bronze disc to activate the controlling construct.

Without hauling any stock to slow it down, the locomotive rapidly caught up to the Geologists fleeing in the Clockwork Man’s stolen train. The tunnels have been unused for years beyond counting, so the double-decked trains were armed and armored for combat with beasts unknown. The ballistas mounted on top of the train cars were put to use in the battle, as the Diamond Dogs managed to shoot a spear into the back of the Geologist train. While spells and missiles flew the Diamond Dogs shimmied down the rope, battling mercenaries the entire way.

Soon after the group made it onto the train the runaway locomotive collided, causing a great shuddering crash that unleashed some of the Clockwork Man’s sealed experiments further ahead, causing chaos amongst the ranks of the defenders. The Diamond Dogs split into two groups – while the lower team battled through mercenaries and a spreading pustuluen ooze on the bottom decks the upper team tangled with doppler ambushes and betrayals in the darkness.

A doppler claiming to be a friend tricked the party into entering a sealed water-filled train car containing a horrific tentacled beast, which though dangerous proved no match for Joe’s newly acquired electric powers. The fight was not so simple though as at this moment Starovich returned for his revenge, chanting an incantation that burst forth Ash’s parasitic twin from her own neck. Meanwhile Kristin clung to the roof of the train battling giant arachnids as well as Della von Vayle’s remaining men.

Ultimately Kunal broke into the steam filled engine room and foiled a doppler ambush before sabotaging the train and setting it on course for a high speed explosive derailment. The battered and bloody Diamond Dogs grabbed Della’s corpse and drank the escape potion, as their voices harmonized into a protective bubble that brought upon a limp, lifeless sleep……


Cordelia von Vayle, drained of blood by a giant cave arachnid.

Starovich, the “Burned Man”, lieutenant of Kutzunov the Geologist, backstabbed by King Billy and his clockwork pest.

2 Giant Cave Arachnids

A tentacled horror, caged in a sealed traincar.

A black sentient ooze of unceasing hunger.

Ash’s parasitic fetal twin, brought to a gross parody of life by the Aboleth artifact.

3 of von Vayle’s Lightbringers

4 Geologist cultists, dead in a ritual suicide

3 Dopplers

11 Mercenaries and thugs, hired by the Geologist guild.



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