The Old Ones

Let Off Some Steam

Boswitch Bathhouse, Brentshire: Days 86-87


The Dungeon Dogz returned to the Boswitch Bathhouse for a night-time infiltration. They took no chances. Using Grimhilt’s liberated key they sneaked into the back entrance, brutally silencing the protesting employees with sharpened knives in the dark. Much of the noise they made was covered by the sound of the Imperial Legion performing its dinning tax, which involves playing martial music loudly (and poorly) until the town coughs up enough coin for them to move onto the next unfortunate burg.

Kristin’s mouse scouted ahead and found the way to be clear, and with that they entered the private baths of Konstantin Kutzunov himself. The Geologist was willing to speak, as he had many questions about what happened at the Deep Carbon Observatory. Thinking he was neutralizing the sorcerous Joe, Kutznonov reduced the scholar’s brain to that of a drooling infant while the Dungeon Dogz prepared to strike.

The battle was truly a close-run thing. Kutznov toyed with the party at first, believing his bodyguards and giant water serpent more than capable of handling the threat, but the possibility of his own death loomed when Kristin nullified his most powerful spell with her anti-magic arrow. Joe and Konstantin’s magical duels caused rapid entropy of the stone flooring in the room, sending the entire battlefield crashing into the caverns below, but remarkably, the party survived.

Many were laying on the ground bleeding to death when Grimhilt miraculously recovered and went on to swiftly execute both the bodyguard and Kutzunov himself as he prepared to transfer his consciousness into the body of Kunal.

The Diamond Dogs beat a hasty retreat through the smoldering bathhouse while sending guards on wild goose chases around the city. They eventually returned, bloody and broken, to their decrepit manor on Swan Street.

The Geologist was dead – he was perhaps the oldest living thing that had ever died…

Three unfortunate bathhouse workers.
Konstantin Kutznunov aka The Geologist aka The Hedonist, one of the Old Ones
His four mute bodyguards.
His exotic pet, Breathless.



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