The Old Ones

Long Live The King...

Carrowmore and River Lock, Day 64


Upon awakening on a bare floodwashed hilltop the Diamond Dogs realized that their destruction of the great Dam had consequences: The entire Carrow valley was inundated and the town in complete shambles. The Diamond Dogs descended towards the town of Carrowmore and met Stumbleduck on the way, after she mercifully spared King Billy during a failed pickpocketing attempt.

In the town our heroes were met by travesty and destruction on a grand scale, and despite their brave efforts to save as many people as they could they still witnessed a rolling wave of death and strife. Children drowned, the hopeless killed themselves, while the truly desperate fought tooth and nail over the tiniest scraps of food. The indefatigable Diamond Dogs managed to save some children and set them up in the Ocular church, while learning something of the situation upriver. They agreed to search for a spoon relic with the powers to feed the multitudes, as well as bring the corpse of the fortuneteller to her family tomb in the North. Kunal met the Kantic captain Snail Shell Zarathustra and promised to scout a navigable path for the great riverboat in exchange for the usage of a skiff and a healthy sack of gold. Upon leaving the town the group witnessed the abuse of the mayor’s wife by another mercenary group, the Old Breed, and scared them off.

The Diamond Dogs loaded their skiff and set off upriver with new companion Stumbleduck and her wolverine, along with the scholar Tzani Spilios and a failed pickpocket with a chipper grin named Wit.

They encountered the floating sarcophagus of an ancient lord, mummified and cursed with eternal vigil over its treasures, which of course they fucking looted. Stumbleduck proved her bravery in the fight against the mummy. Wit and Tzani slowly realized what they were getting into after they ended up in a life or death struggle mere hours after departing the destroyed town. Tzani’s dreams of tenure at the academy were shattered when a wild magic surge swapped his own face for that of Joe’s…..

Further up the river attention was grabbed by a wizardly duel between two insane mercenary sorcerers. The Diamond Dogs demanded their money and moved in to collect, until a giant pike rocked the boat and the surviving sorcerer Koolhause launched a wave of water, launching those of unsure footing into the muddy floodwaters. King Billy was snatched by the fish and dragged into the depths, fighting with his shiv as the life bled out of him. Joe unleashed a wave of lightning destruction on the beastly fish, blowing it sky high into sizzling chunks, but it was all too late for King Billy….


After this draining battle the group decided to search for supplies and rest in an overturned church on cliff-face, where they discovered the reanimated corpses of the arrogant Old Breed. While fighting against the hungering dead they came under deadly accurate fire from a hidden archer. The group was pinned down until a well-placed fireball ignited his tree, launching the sniper into the floodwaters. Upon examining the corpses it was noticed that each of them had a stylized crow carved into the forehead.

While attempting to rest at night the group came under attack yet again, this time by the corpses of the children they previously rescued from the floating sarcophagus. After dispatching the moaning shamblers they noticed that the corpse of the fortune teller was also missing, and Kristin made an interesting discovery….


Uncountable hundreds of denizens of the Carrow valley, men, women, children.

The Free Company “The Old Breed”, slaughtered twice.

Two emaciated children, killed and then killed again.

An embalmed Dambuilder lord

A giant river pike

Two dueling wizards

King Billy, street urchin and pickpocket extraordinaire, and lord of the Frog Fort.



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