The Old Ones

Crime and Punishment

Flotsam and Environs Days 4-8


The Diamond/Dungeon Dogs registered themselves as a Free Company of Flotsam, now granted permission by the Imperial Legion to bear arms in the city commensurate with their oaths of loyalty to the Emperor, the Pope, and Vorn himself.

Upon becoming legitimate their first order of business was to hire the street urchin King Billy to guide them to the cheapest brothel in town and celebrate with warm ale and grog and prostitutes of low reputation. At the “Wretched Ketch” they learned of the frequent disappearance of Kantic men. Kunal woke with a thin ribbon of human skin tied around his neck. The group proceeded to Professor Pilliwick, who identified it as a spancel.

It was a tape of human skin, cut from the silhouette of the dead man. That is to say, the cut had been begun at the right shoulder, and the knife—going carefully in a double slit so as to make a tape—had gone down the outside of the right arm, round the outer edge of each finger as if along the seams of a glove, and up on the inside of the arm to the arm-pit. Then it had gone down the side of the body, down the leg and up it to the crotch, and so on until it had completed the circuit of the corpse’s outline, at the shoulder from which it had started. It made a long ribbon.

The way to use a Spancel was this. You had to find the man you loved while he was asleep. Then you had to throw it over his head without waking him, and tie it in a bow. If he woke while you were doing this, he would be dead within the year. If he did not wake until the operation was over, he would be bound to fall in love with you.

The Dogs agreed to find Shelly of the Dessicated Crab’s missing wagon. They smelled through the half-assed attempt to disguise the attack as the work of monsters and tracked the thieves to a campfire. There they discovered that the gang of rogues were members of the Camorra acting alone, attempting to cover up their murder of the Brothers Axe and the theft of Shelly’s cashbox.

The Dogs ambushed the renegades and after a few close calls, two of them were painfully burned to acid mush by the sorcerer’s Chromatic Orbs. Kristin harnessed her bardic energy to destroy the minds of the two leaders, only to have Kunal chase after the escaped muscle-man “Half-Head Cowan” and get into a deadly wrestling match in the dark forest, alone. After almost being choked to death Kunal barely managed to smash in the other half of Cowan’s head with a skull, covering himself in brains and red mush.

Returning to town with newfound information, the Dogs were able to enter the Camorra’s hideout in the grottoes underneath Flotsam and meet Lucky Haribold himself, who gave them information on the Tiefling Sorceror known in these parts as “The Chronomancer”.

They set off to chase down the bounty of the Lightbringer bandit Stuttering William and defeated two of his elven scouts in a botched ambush – these criminals were not quite ready for the destructive force of Kristin and Joe’s magical abilities, and Kunal’s absolute single-minded thirst for blood. They stand amongst the corpses, with no leads on how to find the lair of Stuttering William…..


Two elven scouts, members of Stuttering William’s Gang.
Halfhead Cowan, Lump, Grimm, and Sneezle, rogue members of the Camorra, working on their own.
The Brothers Axe, an unfortunate group of Dwarven caravan guards.



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