The Old Ones

Forgive Us

Flotsam: Days 11-12


The Diamond Dogs made a connection with someone to fence their ill-gotten goods at Harvand’s House of Cheese. They bought a plethora of breaking-and-entering equipment and moved off in the rainy night to infiltrate the headquarters of the Tenebrous Hand.

The entire block of businesses in the Chokewarren was barred up and locked, doors and windows both. The entire complex of the Hand’s “legitimate” businesses had been locked up for days, but Kristin drank Pilliwick’s Shrinking Solution and rode her mouse carefully under the gates into the courtyard, narrowly avoiding a pack of emaciated and viciously hungry guard dogs. She made her way into the carpenters and opened the door for the rest of the Diamond Dogs, with street urchins King Billy and Azzo the Red in tow.

They explored the complex, discovering secret doors and taking daring ladder routes across the rooftops. In many places they found bodies of Tenebrous Hand members, all of them dead of self-inflicted wounds. Everywhere there was signs of struggle, and rancid black ooze. Upon entering the tavern “The Dog and Bastard”, Kristin descended down into the bar to find a group of mercenaries torturing a wounded gang member. In the ensuing wild tavern battle royale, spells were thrown and furniture smashed while combatants fought for their lives. Ultimately it ended with Joe winning his first wizardly duel by both dissolving and freezing the enemy spellcaster, while the rest of the crew battled a Vornish knight, a Kashviri fencer, and a Kantic ghoul. When victory was assured the group came to actual blows over Kunal’s brutal execution of an unarmed fingerless man. The surviving two mercenaries were tied up. Ashley cleverly used magic to trap the ferocious dogs inside a locked building. King Billy got over his string of horrible luck and opened the Guildmaster of the Tenebrous Hand’s private room, discovering a map indicating that they recently robbed the Imperial geologists. The gang-leader had apparently dashed his own brains out on the fireplace, leaving a note behind to his wife describing how they have tried to contain some great evil… in the basement.

Naturally, the Diamond Dogs descend into the cellars, the scene of a wild last stand. They open the vault to find more riches and treasures than they can carry, but are swarmed by tentacled pale-fleshed suppurating creatures that were once members of the Tenebrous Hand, trapped down in the vaults by the last surviving thieves, in a desperate attempt to contain them. Perhaps the mass-suicide taking place afterwards was the most selfless thing the Tenebrous Hand ever attempted.

The group battled fiercely to hold the gate, while a blazing inferno burned but did not stop the horde of ravenous creatures. The Diamond Dogs rocked the teamwork gang by managing a fighting retreat through the narrow corridors and pit trap, ultimately sealing the creatures into the basement while a battle raged against the recently escaped prisoners.

The Diamond Dogs stand victorious, laden with treasure including another memory gem, a map, and incriminating documents. The things are trapped in the basement… but for how long?


Aggarwal the Kashviri, lightning-stabbed in the spine by Kristin’s magic dagger.

and his gang:
-Feldhaus von Vornheim, frozen and smashed.
-Rossart the Magnificent, acid-burned to a leaking sack of organs
-Ferguson the Ghoul, stabbed in the back of the neck by Azzo the Red

-The Tenebrous Hand torture victim, head smashed in by Kunalic rage.

-Five tentacled horrors, destroyed by the word’s of Ash’s god and the raging lantern-oil inferno.

-Kurt MacReady and many more members of his Tenebrous Hand, transformed into pustulent cetacean abominations or died at their own hands.



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