The Old Ones

Stygian Echoes

The Deep Carbon Observatory: Day 70


Hours they descended, deep into stones undisturbed by those from above for thousands of untold years. Even the dwarf among them had never been this deep, though of course there had always been rumors.

The dark was absolute. The silence shocking in the complete absence of sound save for the birdsong twinkling of the great chain, moved ever so slightly by updrafts from below.

They passed through chambers full of wonders the likes no human eyes had ever seen: Advanced technology shaped by alien hands. Artifacts and objects of art that the brain couldn’t quite comprehend. Hints to the nature of our world’s past, ideas heretical to the entire ontology of the powers that be on the surface.

Down here they realized that surface civilization was like that of a dragonfly roosting momentarily on the unbroken surface of a deep pond, while that which is below teems with life an activity that is older, deeper, and beyond comprehension.

The Deep Carbon Observatory was a window built to look inwards below the Earth. Once opened, it could not quite be shut tightly enough, and here was born the end of all things.

Now the Dungeon Dogs find themselves here, in the graveyard of the ancients – while something infinitely patient and of even greater ravenous hunger stalks them in the dark…..


6 Shroud-of-Turin like silk shriekers
A tapestry lined in the thumbless skeletal hands of tormented weavers
13 Goblin ambushers, part of the tribe who followed the Dogz into the depths.



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