The Old Ones

A Murder of Crows

The River Lock, Days 64-66


The Dungeon Dogs woke up to find their bard missing, with no sign of her departure. Each of them found mysterious letters hidden among their possessions, all of them from a group known as The Crows.

They set off in their skiff to track down the Crows, and encountered what Tzani Spilos the scholar described as a Turbine Golem, an automaton rumored to protect the Dam upriver. It looked weakened, though it still possessed great strength as it smashed a human body repeatedly into a jagged river rock. With a combination of swift rowing and Joe’s lightning the Golem was illuminated in the depths and destroyed.

Further along their expedition encountered a woman dangling upside down from a tree, hooded and restrained. Dozens of obese pale-white toads were gorging on corpses washed up on the riverbank while others attempted to climb up and devour Kristin. The riverbank was littered with carcasses of overstuffed toads, their own bodies burst by angular human limbs from the inside.

With much swinging of warhammers and eviscerating of toads the group managed to battle their way towards the tree, only to be ambushed by a hidden archer along the riverbank. Kristin was rescued and her hood removed, only for a gruesome discovery to be made: She was dead, her throat slit, and her forehead branded with the symbol of the Crows. Her dead eyes held no spark of life yet she hungered for the living….

Kunal spiked her to a tree while the group debated on the use of one of the rarest treasures in the known world, the Phoenix Feather. Ultimately Kristin was revived, but not without cost – her fiery rebirth incinerated Witney the young thief, burning her down to the bone.

Kristin related her story of deceit and betrayal by the hand of the Crows, and a plan for revenge was found. With the aid of Nebulous Zeb, a treedwelling river hermit, the Dungeon Dogs tracked down the Crow’s camp on the riverbank and staged a daring midnight assault.

The night sky was lit up by bolts of arcane energy as rival sorcerers traded shots across the river and the silent dead lunged for the living. Kunal became surrounded by a horde of stinking corpses and attacked by a mysterious warrior clad in black chainmail. He was saved by the intervention of Nebulous Zeb and Kristin’s stealth attack on the hidden sniper.

The Crows realized their position was untenable and they attempted a fighting retreat, but not before Zolushika von Der Linth, their young sorceress. Kristin’s pursuit was slowed by arachnophobic hallucinations, yet Kunal pressed onward. while the wounded dwarf lost ground. Ghar Zargoun the Dwarven archer eventually surrendered and even took a shot against his former allies, betraying his complete lack of empathy or valued belief in anything.

To Ghar Zargoun, there is nothing he prefers, or likes. ‘Liking’ seems an extravagant waste. Things are simply ordered in their way. Event upon event. Locked down and interacting. Slowly wearing out to an inevitable end. All time is simply waiting and life is an empty machine. Other dwarves didn’t understand this, especially when he gave practical proof that this was the world and nothing was inside but death. That upset them. He knew it would. But never why. Now he spends time with other races. It’s what relief must be, he thinks. No longer needing to write behaviors in your head like text and act them out, avoiding frightened looks. He can’t go back anyway. Ghar accepted his capture until presented with the Dwarven countenance of the Cleric, Ash. At that moment he already knew he was dead, and found it neither better or worse than life.

The Dungeon Dogs recovered many supplies, and retired to lick their wounds and feast on electric eel at the treehouse of Nebulous Zeb. As the sun rose they were greeted yet again by the thin trail of smoke to the north, somewhere past the Great Dam……


Two dozen giant toads
The Turbine Golem
Ghar Zargoun, the Dwarven archer
Zolushika von Der Linth, the aristocratic sorceress.
17 Reanimated Dead.

Kristin…. yet not.

Witney the young thief.

A colossal electric eel.



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