The Old Ones

The Dambuilders

The River Lock: Days 67-68


Flush from their victory against the Crows, the Dungeon Dogs rejoined Stumbleduck and set off upriver alongside Nebulous Zeb and the Scholar.

As they drew closer to the source of the flood, our heroes saw even greater swathes of destruction. They stopped to help a windmill full of children besieged by hundreds of giant pale white crabs. Sorcery sent the windwill blades flying into the air, along with the crabs’ point of ingress. The ladies bravely ascended the mill to save the remaining children from the rampaging crabs, though not before a few were turned to shreds.

A plan to save the children by dropping them off on a small hillock full of livestock was aborted when it was discovered that the hill was circled by a voracious giant squid. Instead, the children were unceremoniously dumped on the wooded shore of the River Lock along with plenty of cooked crabmeat.

Further upriver the Dogs discovered that something was going quite wrong with the Turbine golems. One of them was spotted staring endlessly into the mechanism of a watermill, while another was demolishing houses to construct a scratchbuilt dam, a pale imitation of the colossal structure viewed in the distance.

When the crew rowed into Pollnagollum village they found the remaining populace entranced on top of the roofs. Sliding between the stalks of blackened dead corn under the surface of the water was the witch, Gruta. Despite her malevolent nature the Dungeon Dogs agreed to provide her draughts of blood from The Scholar, Ash, and Kristin in exchange for answers. They learned that the Turbine Golems were dying…

Finally the Dungeon Dogs reached the massive dam and used the head-locking mechanisms from destroyed Turbine golems to activate the sluice gates at the bottom. They climbed up the dark tunnels to the great rift in the center of the dam. They explored some newly exposed passages but could not quite discover their purpose, though they did find a model of the dam mapping out the rooms on the other side of the rift. No sooner did they attempt to enter when they saw a disconcerting sight: Three riverboats packed full of men rowing furiously towards the dam from downriver. It could only be the Crows….

A defense plan was hastily assembled. Kunal with barbaric strength managed to drop a boulder on top of one of the boats, killing some men and causing the survivors to scramble into a sluice gate only to run into the waiting ambush of Stumbleduck and Joe. After some lashings of magic thorns and corrosive acid turned the vanguard mercenary into a steaming pile of slurry, the others agreed to fall back and avoid this whole battle.

Victory seemed assured, until Kristin noticed the deep pounding bass of goblin drums echoing across the canyon….

Hundreds of giant crabs
Three children and one old woman at the windmill
Two turbine golems
Four mercenaries in the employ of the Crows
Several families smashed by the turbine golem attempting to build a dam



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