The Old Ones

The Deep Carbon Observatory

That Which Is Below: Days 69-70


The Diamond Dogs attempted to rest in the caved in passageway of the ancient Dam, yet a mysterious thick fluid begin trickling in from above. Sensing some goblin trick, Joe launched a devastating fireball, blasting the entrance open and causing thick gouts of smoke to choke out the cave. Thinking quickly, he used his scroll to clear the air, exposing a squad of gobbo sappers to a vicious counterattack by his compatriots.

Despite their use of captured Rust Monster insects to assault the party’s weaponry the gobbos were killed while the survivors retreated deeper into the dam-tomb. Not wanting to risk falling into traps, the Dogs ascended the lip of the crater and were shocked to see exactly what was behind the dam:

An immense crater, miles across, draped in multicolored decaying vines covering the littoral zone. Upon traversing a path downwards they discovered that the mud was not what it seemed, but a great dying bacterial mat from the profundal zone of the deep lake, its ecosystem now lay naked and dying in the exposure of the sun. The crew navigated an ever shifting landscape of mountains of dead marine life, some of it colossal in size and never meant to see the light of day. Evidence was uncovered that this lake did not always exist – petrified forest and ancient towers revealed that this land was once uncovered, but was deliberately buried under miles of water.

The group proceeded cautiously as they were pursued by both the goblin tribe and the Crows, not to mention all manner of dying lake fauna in its last gasping breaths. Their closest call came when they decided to rescue a gigantic Roc, its wingspan forming a bridge across foul waters, its head lolling in pain as it was devoured from below by fat man-sized leeches. They saved the Roc. It was not grateful.

After putting it down yet again, this time for good, the Diamond Dogs found an even deeper open pit extending even further down – it appeared to be surrounded by thousands of ‘sun-scoops’ cut into the smooth walls of the crater where burning fires reflected light into colossal mirrors that drowned the pit in the brightest of light. Never ones to worry about what was ahead, the Dogs descended the mine and opened the pressure door to the Deep Carbon Observatory….


An entire ecosystem
11 Gobbos
3 Rust Monsters
Several giant eels
4 Man-sized leeches
A majestic Roc, one of the last of her kind.



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