The Old Ones

The End of All Things

The Deep Carbon Observatory: Days 70-75


Deeper they traveled, into the Observatory, defiling the corpse of their common past.

The party learned more of the ancient Dambuilder society, a people who made contact with the Underdark, and became enthralled with it. Strange objects, creatures, artifacts, technologies – endless curiosities to entrance a society looking ever for more; all of these things came up the Great Chain to be taken, studied, consumed, obsessed over.

It was not enough.

Survey teams of abyssalnauts went below, mapping out caverns, bringing back ever stranger samples – radioactive flora that lived never having seen the sun, strata samples detailing billions of years of history, strange metals and materials worth kingdoms on the surface, and more, and more.

Some survey teams didn’t return.

Some came back, but changed.

And one, quite mad, came back bearing the word of the Aboleth. This was the beginning of the end.

The Dungeon Dogs traversed these ruins, fighting constant running battles against the ever silent, patient, patient, pale, gaunt Giant.

Stumbleduck discovered a wondrous flaming sword, and a thorium tongue starved for conversation. Ash felt compelled to dig out her own fleshy appendage to replace it with one built of strange metals and lies.

The Giant was finally dispatched by the exhausted group, but before he crushed Nebulous Zeb into a thin red paste on the milky white floor. There was no time to mourn. They reached the Observatory bubble itself, and a mere glimpse into the lens was almost enough to drive the Cleric mad. They placed the second resonator, that which would call the Purple Worm. It has been searching for its lost, dead, mate for centuries on end. Its anguished thrashing will surely destroy both stalactites upon its discovery that the only other of its species does not exist.

The Dungeon Dogz thus made haste.

Near the long spiral entrance stairs they were ambushed by a desperate maddened Holloch and his terrified band of hired men – short work was made of them all. Our heroes had just enough time to reach the surface as the Purple Worm began its destruction on a geologic scale below.

Certain death awaited them at the top were it not for Kristin’s knowledge of goblin language and culture – she managed to spare their lives from the waiting horde of ambushers by kowtowing and offering tribute to the great goblin chief. The Dungeon Dogz were allowed to live, and they made their exhausted way downriver through the flooded wastes to the remains of the town of Carrowmore.

Kunal spent precious gold to book passage south to Brentshire aboard The Lapita, headed by the Kantic captain Snail-Shell Zarathustra.

Downriver they went, leaving the desolate region far behind them….

Nebulous Zeb, the inscrutable hermit.
Hooloch Frosen, leader of the Crows
Nine of his hired men from Carrowmore, young boys and greybeards all.
The Giant

As well as everything else that still held some semblance of life in the Deep Carbon Observatory…



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