The Old Ones

The Swan Street Slicer

The River Lock and Brentshire, Days 75-78


The riverboat Lapita approached the faded opulence of the town of Brentshire, built on ancient hot springs. They were stopped by men of the Legion demanding payment or service for entry.

The town itself was in a high panic. The Swan Street Slicer, a notorious serial killer, had escaped mysteriously from captivity while being transported to the site of his execution. On this dark and stormy night the town’s notables were in a fury, for the Swan Street Slicer struck only at those of wealth or highborn name. Every man in town with a sword and the willingness to use it was rapidly hired up to guard the houses of the aristocracy and burghers as well as search high and low for the Slicer, a mute halfling known as Peck.

House Dromdal was the destination of the Dungeon Dogz: the last place the Slicer was seen before his capture, and clearly feared to be the site of a future attack. Lady Dromdal and her daughter were of lofty name but lowly finances, much like all the others of the fading aristocracy squatting in the decrepit manors of Swan Street.

Despite the haughty attitude of the dowager Dromdal, the Dungeon Dogz did their best to defend the house, and even largely behaved themselves in the presence of the Lady, though of course obliging opportunities for breaking into locked rooms and absconding with loot when she was elsewhere.

After a dinner party ended in disaster, the Sorceror, Barbarian, and Scholar headed out onto the streets with a drunken penniless nobleman named Ned while the ladies stayed home and continued their vigil. It did not end well.

While the men fished for rumors at the local tavern, resulting in a knock-down drag-out brawl with local dockworkers, the women of the group discovered that something fishy was going on in the house and all roads led to the second hidden basement….

It soon became apparent that Lady Dromdal’s husband was not out hunting exotic beasts in the North, but was entombed in the walls along with more than a dozen others, guarded by a fell beast that resembled a demonic canid. Ash was not to survive this revelation – the creature sprung from the dark and disemboweled the stout cleric with his slavering jaws, while Stumbleduck and Cheeto the Wolverine fought bravely to rescue her. The gnome pulled Ash’s body through the door to the basement elevator platform just as she let out her last breath, dead.

Kristin burst into the bedroom of the Lady and found her to be in league with Peck, a little halfling that she enjoyed doting over and dressing in sickeningly cute ruffled outfits. Her husband did not tolerate this for long and during an argument in which he struck his wife something snapped in Peck and soon the Lord was on the ground, bleeding out from his slashed throat. He was to be Peck’s first victim, but not the last. Over the past months Peck had been capturing or killing notables in town at the behest of the Lady, including her own daughter’s husband.

It would stop tonight….

The drunken menfolk made it back to the house while the battle raged upstairs. Kristin used her psychic magic to frighten the dandified killer into escaping out the window, but the Lady’s magically enhanced mastiff tore a deadly wound in Cheeto’s side. He bled out on the ground, staring glassily as his master Stumbleduck battled for her and Kristin’s life. Kristin’s magic dagger made short work of the tottering old woman while Stumbleduck killed the mastiff and launched the Lady’s lapdog into the fire. Ashley was avenged by Kunal and Joe’s foray into the basement.

The mystery was solved and most of the guilty parties put to justice, but at great cost….


Ash, the Dwarven Cleric of Macinfex, destroyer of undead.
Cheeto the Throatripper, white wolverine of the polar plains of Vornheim.
The Lady Dromdal
Her lapdog, Sasha
Her guard mastiff, Baron.
Her demonic beast in the basement, Spite.



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