The Old Ones

Tomb Raiders

The Colossal Dam: Days 68-69


The Dungeon Dogz sealed the door behind them with chains taken from a sprung trap and contemplated their situation. They were trapped in a flood-scoured hidden tomb buried in the interior of the great dam. They were perhaps the first living creatures to set foot in here since its construction. As always, they pressed onward.

Glittering coins surrounded a golden funereal barge in a chamber ahead. Kunal destroyed what remained of some mummified hounds, too water-damaged to move beyond turning their misshapen heads. The Scholar determined the treasure to be worthless – this chamber was apparently designed to fool thieves.

After carefully negotiating their way through traps, the Dungeon Dogs climbed a dark stone-cut ladder and emerged into a chamber containing canoptic sculptures containing the organs of long-dead holy men. Not content to let things be, Ash and Kunal poked, prodded, and finally pushed over one of the sculptures. This was a mistake. The remaining sculptures immediately animated and begin attacking the group. Cheeto the Wolverine smashed one into the floor, freeing its preserved brain from its cradle. It was soon discovered that destroying the brain will finally put the abomination to rest. Even with this information the battle was going against our heroes until Kristin’s magic dagger became an instrument of rapid death in her arms, allowing her to dispatch half of the walking dead with ease.

Further along, the group narrowly avoided a rolling boulder and breached the passage into a room full of mysterious faces embossed in the ceiling. Fearing a trap a few scouts furtively moved into the room only to be ambushed by goblins bearing poles strapped to head-cages full of angry rabid rats. The skirmish in the dark was quick and brutal, and soon the goblins were dead or dying, thanks to Cheeto’s keen nose and sharp jaws.

The Dungeon Dogs negotiated their way carefully through a chamber that the goblin raiders had clearly passed through – it appears that they brute-forced their way through the traps by taking heavy casualties – a fact that the Dungeon Dogs were clearly fortunate to realize. The light at the end of the tunnel led them to a passageway blocked by a cave in, with the bodies of a few goblins slain in apparently ritualistic fashion. It appeared that Gruta the Witch did not remain in Pollnagollum village……


8 Canoptic Guards
2 Mummified Hounds
9 Goblins at the hands of the Dungeon Dogz, and 17 killed by other mysterious means….



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