Ash (RIP)

Dwarven Cleric of Macinfex


Saw combat in the most recent Locust Crusade, working as a holy chirugeon in the militia sworn to the House of the 7th Meridian. It was on this Crusade that her actions led to the rout of 7th Meridian’s vaunted Sacred Band, among whose losses were counted the son of the Binder Lord himself.

7th Meridian House was founded by the cleric among the original Binder Lords, who converted to the worship of Macinfex. The house is considered extremely devout and admired by the population as they tend to be the most interested in providing for the poor. They are heavily invested in the rebuilding of the Tail Stones District after the destruction wrought in the Crisis of the 12th Meridian, the largest disaster to ever befall the City of Salt in Wounds. Many of the 7th Meridian House members end up working for one of the churches, and it is considered mandatory among even its lesser members to purify the soul on a Locust Crusade at least once in their life.

Ash eventually found the missing son of her Meridian house, and helped put his ghost to rest alongside that of his foreign bride. She continued her journeys with the Diamond Dogz, where she learned of the Old Ones and their conspiracy. Ash managed to uncover the lair of the Clockwork Man and used his aid to destroy the Great Dam, revealing the lost secrets of the Deep Carbon Observatory. It was there that they slayed a great pale abomination and put to rest the immediate plans of the Geologist Kutzunov. Upon arrival in Brentshire Ash and her group were hired out to protect an aristocratic family from a serial killer only to discover too late that they were connected in more ways than one…. In Ash’s final moments she descended into their hidden chamber below the manor where she encountered a monstrous beast that left her bleeding out on the cold stone floor. This time there was no one there to save her, and Ash joined the Great Butcher Macinfex in the eternal river of blood.

Ash (RIP)

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