Half-Orc Barbarian of Salt-In-Wounds


Kunal is a half-orc berserker at the mature age of 19. He has a thick beard to hide the obvious skin discoloration on his face that marks him as a half-orc. (Basically looks like me.) There is a brand on the center of his back that he has never seen or shown anyone that marks him as a slave from Salt-In-Wounds.


When he was 13, he was captured by slavers in the middle of a quiet, bloody village and sold to one of The Binder Lords whom he only knows as The Lord Who Drinks, of the House of 10th Meridian. During the next 4 years, Kun was forced to participate in the daily parties and blood orgies. Participation included whipping, blood-letting, drinking, fucking, and acts that have no real name for them. This led to a desensitization of spirit and a love for hard spirits. After spending so much time being baptized in blood, a realization dawned upon Kunal. He was not a true reveler unless he sacrificed as much blood as possible for Macinfex. And the best way to do that was by using his fury at fate and humanity to kill the most people possible. Kunal’s 17th birthday coincided with the opening day of the Sanguine Masque and in an odd gesture of misguided deference, The Lord held a party with Kun as the centerpiece. And as a party-goer was going to cut him, Kun grabbed the blade and unleashed his rage. He slashed his way out and ran out the gates.

10th Meridian House is aggressively insular, mysterious, and largely unknown. All house members use pseudonyms and wear masks at all times while outside their estates, communicating only using bonded heralds to whom they whisper. Rumor has it that a prominent member of the household was brutally disfigured by a body-slave during the Sanguine Masque, an annual festival in which members of the aristocracy demonstrate their humility by wearing the skins of captives and enacting the rituals of lower-class life.


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