Brand New Character

Welcome aboard!

Here are some things to know before making a character:

Changes from 5e
1. As far as you know there is no possible way to resurrect a corpse or remove a curse with a simple spell, so don’t be surprised when you don’t receive those spells at whatever level you expect to.

2. There are no Dragonborn.

3. There is no Dark-Vision in the game. The races which normally receive dark-vision get a different bonus to compensate.

The World

Player characters can of course be whatever they want. That does not mean the world has to accept them. The general setting is a vaguely 15th century Holy Roman Empire. I am an unabashed history nerd and prefer to fit DnD more towards my imagined idea of the late middle ages than the generally 21st century mindset transplanted to the American frontier by way of Ye Olde England that the typical DnD scenario finds its home in.

That means that there will be plenty of taxation, starvation, disease, famine, oppression, religious intolerance, racism, and other such pleasantries. There will be no Alignment – as far as I know a Lawful Good kingdom has never existed in all of human history so won’t be finding its way into the world either.

Your Character

Character creation: Roll 3D6 6 times and fill out your stats. Re-Roll any stat that ends up as 6 or lower. You may then re-roll one set, but must keep the result.

Follow the rest of the rules as normal, but do not roll for currency or equipment. You’re going in with nothing!

Besides all the usual nonsense you must tell me:

(A) One character or organization that has a good opinion of your character, and why. Or tell me why your character has a high opinion of this character or organization. It can be as simple as “my sister” or an entire city.

(B) The opposite: What character or organization dislikes you? Or what character or organization do you dislike, and why?


Toothsome George, the beggar. When I was down on my luck he helped me find a dry abandoned barn to stay in, and I’ll never forget him, or his incredibly deafening snore.


The Brotherhood of the Conduit: All my life I have dreamed of donning lance and shield to take the fight to the ruinous powers- to destroy heretics and enemies of the faith. Though the Brotherhood knows not my name, I will fight for fame and glory so all will know that I am worthy of elevation to the rank of Knight of the Conduit.

Violetta of Hammacher: Throughout our youth we were the best of friends, but she always had to be the better. Things were tolerable until she spread vicious false rumors that spurred my father into exiling me to a nunnery. By the time I escaped and returned to my village, I found her arm in arm with my former betrothed Ufric, her belly large with child.


The Imperial Legion: Barley farmers my family were, for generations past remembrance. That all changed when the Legion in their thousands put their line of march straight through our fields. For three days we watched thousands of men trample through our crops, ruining our only chance at harvest. We thought we saw the end of them, but at the end of the next week the bedraggled survivors of whatever battle they lost came rampaging back, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down. They thrust a spear in my elder brother’s hand and called him a soldier. I never saw him again. That winter we couldn’t afford to feed our entire family so I set off on my own to ease the burden. I’ll never forget the Legion, and their uncaring arrogance.

Brand New Character

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