Oh no! You died!

Luckily, you’ve got some options:

A Ragequit. You only wanted to play This Specific Fucking Character and now they’re dead. Fuck.

B Embody Someone Else: If you have allies, you can decide to become this character. I will probably beef them up a bit for you.

C Roll up a new character. Here are the rules:

1) Has to be 2 levels below the lowest character in the party. Don’t worry, you’ll catch up eventually. You will roll your stats as 3D6 all the way, with the privilege of re-rolling one set.

2) Cannot be the same class you just recently played. Same race is ok.

3) Has to have a reason for being there. Maybe you know someone in the party? Make something up.

Not feeling like it? Here’s a handy D10 of possible characters I pulled out of my ass.

1 – You’re a religious pilgrim (D1- Vornish D2 – Lightbringer D3 – Animist D4 Heretic D5 Apostate D6 Mariah D7 Mot D8 The Medusas D9 Macinfex D10 God-In-The-Woods).

2 – You’re a local islander looking for adventure, and you’ve heard of the Diamond Dogs and want to join up. Where are you from? (D1 Flotsam D2 Pembrooktonshire D3 Ashgrove D4 Wyndermere D5 Carrowmore D6 Brentshire D7 Modoc’s Point D8 Carroc D9 Westwatch D10 Unnamed small hamlet)

3 – You’re a deserter from the Imperial Legion. If you’re female then you are non-human and a deserter from the Auxiliary.

4- You’re one of the last survivors of the Tenebrous Hand. You were out of town on a job and returned to see the Diamond Dogs leaving the Dog and Bastard in a hurry, laden with loot.

5- You’re a bounty hunter, with a crumpled poster of the Diamond Dogs clutched in your fingers.

6 – You worked with the Imperial Geologic Survey, and only recently discovered that they weren’t quite what they seemed…. You’ve turned against them and come to bring the Diamond Dogs some crucial information…..

7 – You came to the island on the Galleon hoping to earn a fortune, and you’ve lost it all in games of chance. Perhaps signing on with a mercenary company would be lucrative?

8 – You arrived at the island in the Lightbringer armada last year, and now the survivors are scattered, hunted, and killed. You’ve been on the run ever since.

9 – You were a liveried servant of Osbald Felltergrubb and were accused (falsely? truthfully?) of making off with the tableware.

10 – The Diamond Dogs have in their possession something that belongs to YOU. You’ve been tracking them down….

11 – You’ve always wondered who killed that dick-less Ogre displayed on a stake outside the Wormway Beacon… That fucker killed a lot of friends of yours.

12 – You’ve come from the mainland with an urgent message from Narska von Vayle…

13 – Your home was destroyed in the Carrowmore flood.


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