The Old Ones

The Tower of the Chronomancer

Widow's Watch, Leviathan's Wake. Days 25-36


The Diamond Dogs found themselves in the rotting flooded cellars of the Widow’s Watch. They gathered up the bizarre parody of wedding clothes made out of human skin and prepared a plan to acquire fruit from the orchard to cook the wedding feast. Things went awry after Ash and Kristin were felled by the exploding corpses of rotted drowned dead.

A deal was made with the Nothic to bring them back to consciousness, for the price of arcane artifacts and the blood of sacrifice. No sooner were the ladies on their feet then they pulled together an A-Teamesque plot to recover the necessary rotten plums while avoiding the hordes of dead. Ash called upon her holy wisdom to turn the dead while Kristin made a headlong sprint for the orchard. Kunal used his barbaric strength to put the escape boat in place as Joe destroyed the remaining bridge with sorcerous fire.

The wedding feast was prepared and our brave party ascended the tower where they came face to face with the withered corpse of the pregnant Hollow Bride, Leliana Ashbury. Upon beginning the ceremony her possessed spirit lashed out in pained rage, resisting their efforts to put it at peace. The Diamond Dogs kept their cool by holding off the wraith and performing the macabre Kantic wedding as dozens of guests tried desperately to scale the tower. When Kunal kissed the bride the ceremony was complete and the land was purified as all the restless souls were tormented no more….

The long journey back to Flotsam was uneventful until their arrival, where they discovered the local burghers forming armed militias to destroy taxed cargo. Flotsam’s independent-minded townspeople chafed under new Imperial duties as well as the Camorra’s dispersal of incriminating documents revealing links among the Felltergrubb ruling class to organized criminal elements in the city. The Diamond Dogs attempted to get some rest at Shelly’s but it seems they had some visitors while they were away – the place was ransacked and Shelly herself tortured and killed. Someone was looking for the Diamond Dogs. Someone wanted their artifact back. Someone was willing to kill to get it.

Not wishing to stay in the town, the Diamond Dogs crossed Leviathan’s Wake with the smuggler Johnny Sausage to find out what happened to Joe’s father Clarence at the Chronomancer’s Tower.

It appeared some sort of experiment with time went wrong, as different floors of the tower were experiencing chronology at varied rates with wildly unpredictable effects. Our group managed to make it to the top of the tower, suffering many paradoxical deaths. It appears that the mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none truly exist….

At the tower’s summoning circle the Diamond Dogs were confronted with two Clarences, both of different times, both desperate to stop the other from completing their task…

When the dust and balefire cleared only one remained, who related to the group the true nature of The Old Ones and those they serve….



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